Toccata and Fugue


October 30th, 2022

35 mins 10 secs

Season 2

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*EPISODE 2.7: Toccata and Fugue *

The Frightmare Theatre team is excited for their annual Halloween episode, until they realize that they've already had a Halloween episode this season and that the bizarre anomalies they are experiencing may be caused by a new tenant in the studio's crypts...

...AND in tonight's terrifying tale:_A Funeral Home Director and an Organist walk into an old mansion... the rest of the joke is played out to horrifying hilarity in this bizarre monster mash medley we call ** "TOCCATA AND FUGUE"_**.

_STARRING: Spencer Tilley, Drew Diveley, Andrew McMurtrey, Heath Hillhouse, and Nathan Shelton- with special guest star, Jonathan Cook from "Gather By The Ghost Light Podcast"!

MUSIC & THEME: Chris Porcelli & Allison Johnston

_Be sure to swing over to our friends at GATHER BY THE GHOST LIGHT Podcast for some other great spooky season offerings: (special thanks to Jonathan Cook for allowing Dr. Necropolis to guest host this month and for joining us in the Arcane Studio for Frightmare Theatre's Halloween Episode!)

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