GRAVESIDE CHAT Ep. 002: "Creating the Horrors" - Inside the Writer's Room - Special Patreon Exclusive Episode

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March 25th, 2021

1 hr 27 mins 41 secs

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*GRAVESIDE CHAT Ep. 002: "Creating the Horrors" - Inside the Writer's Room) - Special Patreon Exclusive Episode *

In the second episode of the Patreon Exclusive supplemental discussion-based podcast, GRAVESIDE CHAT, Frightmare Theatre creator & Executive Producer, Nathan Shelton, is joined by Co-Producer, Andrew McMurtrey, and Writer's, Fee Basanavicius, and Shawn Young to discuss their inspiration and unique process when it comes to "Creating the Horrors" of The Frightmare Theatre Podcast. This conversation takes many twists and turns, and along the way the Arcane creatives shed some light into the origins of The Frightmare Theatre Podcast as they discuss their shared writing exercise that was created for this very special episode!

FEATURING: Nathan Shelton, Andrew McMurtrey, Fee Basanavicius, & Shawn Young
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(This episode contains adult content & language- including sexual references and crude humor)

Graveside Chat is a supplemental discussion-based podcast, featuring the creators of The Frightmare Theatre Podcast and special guests. In these Patreon Exclusive Episodes, supporters of The Frightmare Theatre Podcast will get a glimpse into the devious minds of ARCANE Productions and the creation of FTP, as well as hear in depth discussions of all things horror and the supernatural across a variety of pop culture mediums.

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